Blue Turquoise – A New Lander in the Sport of Gemstone

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Blue Turquoise – A New Lander in the Sport of Gemstone-This high quality Apache Blue turquoise is extremely rare and difficult to locate even in this very rich mine, but what every turquoise hunter is looking for. This blue turquoise is actually some of the most beautiful in the country. Blue Turquoise has a unique color and is also very durable.

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Most blue turquoise is mined in caves. The beauty of this type of turquoise is found within the matrix. The natural matrix in the mines is like a mat that holds the stone together. Once the stone is removed from the matrix, it is left on the surface of the earth where it begins the process of deterioration. The deterioration of the blue turquoise begins as the stone starts to break down inside of the earth.

Blue Turquoise – A New Lander in the Sport of Gemstone

As the stone begins breaking down, it becomes white and loses its blue color. The white coloration is what gives turquoise the ability to change colors. In order to get back the blue color, the turquoise is actually ground up and put back into its matrix. Since the matrix holds the stone tightly, the blue color will stay.

Some people believe that turquoise is not from Arizona but instead is a Mexican stone. This is because most Mexican stones are found in low concentrations. These low concentrations make it easier for the rocks to be ground up and made into jewelry. This is why there is no conclusive way to tell which is the true turquoise and which is not.

One of the most important factors to remember when choosing turquoise is how deep the veins within the host rock are. Veins in host rocks can be shallow or deep. Deep veins give the stone a blue color and should not be confused with the spider veins commonly mistaken as blue turquoise gemstone. In host rocks where the vein is visible the vein may actually run through the entire rock or only part of it.

If you have noticed that turquoise looks cloudy or has a blue color when it is brand new then it is because the natural occurring blue color is being lost. It is important to remember that when turquoise is carefully and properly cut then it will retain its natural blue color. However if the stone is scratched or damaged then it will lose the blue color and will turn to a yellow or brown color. When this happens it is important to repair or recoat the piece before resealing the item.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the stone. A much lighter stone such as turquoise will cost less than one that is nearly as heavy as diamond. The lighter stone is more affordable and is easier to store. However a heavy stone will be harder to handle and may scratch when stored improperly.

For those new to the blue vein turquoise gemstone there are a few ways to find the stones without traveling up and down the dusty highway looking for the gems. There are online companies that will send you certified loose diamonds that will match the blue veins in your stone.

This is the easiest way to buy the blue vein morenci turquoise without going out into the hot sun or desert to look for the stone. You can also go to your local jewelry store and see if they carry the stones or if they know where you can purchase the new lander turquoise online. The more places you can search the better because you may be surprised at all the great deals you will find on the new lander turquoise.


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