Product Return Policy


Returns is a plan given by Brand Jewelry Sale straightforwardly under this arrangement as far as which the alternative of trade, substitution or potentially discount is offered by the Brand Jewelry Sale to you. All items recorded under a specific class might not have similar brings strategy back. For all items, the profits/substitution strategy gave on the item page will beat the overall brings strategy back

In specific situations where the Brand Jewelry Sale can’t deal with a swap under any condition, a discount will be given.

During open box conveyances, while tolerating your request, on the off chance that you got an alternate or a harmed item, you will be given a discount/refund/exchange. Whenever you have acknowledged an open box conveyance, no return solicitation will be prepared, with the exception of assembling surrenders. In such cases, this class explicit substitution/return general conditions will be pertinent. Snap here to find out about Open Box Delivery.


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