Rose Quartz :-Trillion Plain Cabochon | 21 MM | 30 CARAT



Item Code-OV-014
Stone Name-Rose Quartz
Stone Shape-Trillion Plain Cabochon
Stone Size-21 mm
Stone Weight-30 Carat
Pcs-1 Pair
Country Of Origin-India

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Rose Quartz :-Trillion Plain Cabochon l 21 MM-30 CARAT-The delicate pink radiations of Rose Quartz comforts and recuperates any injuries the heart has endured, it breaks up the distresses, stresses, fears, and feelings of disdain stifling the heart’s capacity to give and get cherish and supplant it with mending, solace, and internal sustenance. A profound feeling of individual satisfaction and energy frames another establishment where internal harmony and happiness can turn into an individual reality.


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