What Is Chalcedony Stone? l Types Of Chalcedony l  Hot Pink Chalcedony

What Is Chalcedony Stone l Types Of Chalcedony l Hot Pink Chalcedony-1_Pic Credit_Google

What Is Chalcedony Stone? l Types Of Chalcedony l Hot Pink Chalcedony-The name comes from the Greek word chalcedony meaning “little blue stone.” The name is quite appropriate as most of the chalcedony gemstone’s today have a shade ranging from deep blue to pink in color. Most of these chalcedony specimens to this day are found in the Moroccan Sahara Desert, lending to the stone’s fawn and sandy-tan coloring. Each chalcedony stone also has its own unique look, with its unique shape lending it various healing properties.

One of the most common beliefs about this beautiful stone is that it can help one to gain protection from evil forces and spirits. This gem is believed to lessen the strength of negative energy. This gem can be said to give a person courage as well as improve their vision. It is also believed to cause good luck to those who wear it. Some suggest that its calm and peaceful demeanor can make someone more calm and serene. It is also believed to cause the wearer to become more open to both positive and negative energy, thereby minimizing negativity in their surrounding environment.

What Is Chalcedony Stone? l Types Of Chalcedony l Hot Pink Chalcedony


What Is Chalcedony Stone l Types Of Chalcedony l Hot Pink Chalcedony-2_Pic Credit_Google

The name “chalcedony” comes from the Greek words chalcedony and osteonecea meaning “porous rock.” However, even though this is the commonly referred to the version of this mineral, this description is actually incorrect. The gem actually comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with each chalcedony having different properties. The majority of chalcedony found in modern times is either completely transparent or partially translucent, making it perfect for staining. Some types of chalcedony are opaque and dyed, while others are opaque and semisolid.

What Is Chalcedony Stone? l Types Of Chalcedony l Hot Pink Chalcedony

There are several subspecies of chalcedony stone, which are used for different types of healing. Most of the chalcedony that is found today comes from four localities in Turkey and the western Mediterranean area. It is found in abundance in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Israel and Spain. Some varieties come in shades of blue, green, pinkish gray, white and even black. The types of variations found are listed below with some examples of how the various colors can be utilized for different purposes.

White Quartz – this is the lightest form of chalcedony and is sometimes known as the “saddle stone.” In the healing of the throat chakra, a white chalcedony stone can help to balance the yin and yang forces in the body. When a person is suffering from a lack of energy, the throat chakra is often one of the areas affected. A smooth, transparent stone that has many small crystals of quartz within it can be helpful. A light blue chalcedony gemstone or a clear, rose colored one can also help to balance the yin and yang forces.

What Is Chalcedony Stone? l Types Of Chalcedony l Hot Pink Chalcedony

Pink Quartz – this is the second most common chalcedony stone found. When used for healing, pink chalcedony stones work in a similar fashion to the white quartz. They both help to balance the yin-yang forces in the body. However, a pink chalcedony stone can be slightly more powerful than a white one because of the variety of pink hues that can appear. Pink chalcedony stones can range from a light pink to a deep, bright pink color. Healing properties can be found in a wide range of hues including light purple to deep, rich burgundy.

Orange Chalcedony – this variety is the most highly prized chalcedony stone. This is because it can be found in such a wide variety of colors that it is essentially a collectors’ item. The orange coloration of these varieties can vary from a light orange to a deeper, brighter orange. Some of the more common orange chalcedony varieties include the varieties that have an aqua look to them, such as the aquamarine blue chalcedony stone. Other orange varieties have a greenish tinge to them, including the greenish blue chalcedony stone.

What Is Chalcedony Stone? l Types Of Chalcedony l Hot Pink Chalcedony

Microcrystalline – these types of chalcedony are very rare and many people are unaware of their existence. These types of stones are so rare that it may take years for a pure specimen to be found. These types of stones are typically blue in color, but can also come in shades of green, brown and black. They are usually microcrystalline in structure and are very fragile.


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